Towards the 17 SDGs

An evolving list of projects, aligned to the SDGs are currently underway.  Please read through and get in touch if any are relevant to your work and you'd like to discuss getting involved.


A Purposeful Transition

Starting in June 2022, I will be running a series of workshops with 16-24 year olds to look at a new way  planning a career for today's unpredictable world.  How to move into work with your values and ambitions intact, to see purpose in your behaviors, not just your job title, or sector you work in, to understand how to navigate the commercial world and influence it at the same time.  A career should be purposeful from day 1; we want that to be true for all.

Shift 4 & 8

Train My Generation

On the island of Mfangano on Lake Victoria, a local team is gathering to launch a micro-finance project to enable women across the community start and build their own businesses.  We are currently recruiting funding from Kenyan sources, as well as local expertise and advice.  Along side micro-finance, we are also exploring opportunities to support women's health on the island and identifying under-used land to set-aside for biodiversity regeneration.  This is all lead and owned by the local community.


Shift 3 & 4

Belvue School, London

Career planning and life enrichment for teenagers with a range of disabilities in west London. Sailing, art, production, conservation and many more skills and careers are needed.  Let me know if you would like to run a class, or even host some children for work experience.

Shift 8 & 12

Purposful CEOs

Founders and CEOs have the power to own change today, so with my help they can create a business with purpose that is profitable too.  If you need help with your business, you know where to find me.